WHO'S WHO Diversity In Color

Who's Who Diversity in Color 5th Edition directory released on June 13, 2019 highlights minorities from the St. Louis region in one coffee table publication!


Who’s Who Diversity in Color (WWDIC) is an annual publication with the mission of documenting and celebrating the achievements of all people of color! Our goal is to highlight the best and brightest in all ethnic communities. We work diligently with our corporate partners to share diversity initiatives and the best of their senior ranking staff.


Who’s Who Diversity in Color understands that our differences unite us; for when we can celebrate that which separates from the norm. We add value to our cultural stance, both individually and collectively.

Ericca Willis



Meet The Publisher

Ericca Willis prior to becoming the publisher of Who’s Who Diversity in Color, LLC, she was the associate publisher of Who’s Who in Black St. Louis and executive director of Sister Salute Inc., served the St. Louis minority business community for 14 years.  She was the Director of Minority Business Development for the St. Louis Development Corporationb32d36_a148ac5e6693b11b0d44f08234c49abd.jpg_srz_350_414_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz