With great enthusiasm, Who’s Who Diversity in Color, LLC highlights and documents the achievements of all people of color in the St. Louis Metropolitan area with the FIFTH edition of our coffee-table style book. Please join some of the most prestigious individuals as they share their success clues for generations to come. To be included in the next edition, please follow the two simple steps below:

1) Submit an up-to-date 190 word bio with a high resolution photo (300dpi).

2) Submit or Nominate someone else who is deserving to be featured in our publication.


Deadline for submissions is: April 1, 2019

Save the date, Thursday June 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Ball Park Village, downtown St Louis, we will feature live entertainment, dynamic speakers, and complimentary gourmet food, open bar and complimentary Anheuser Busch beverages. We look forward to your submission, and to you becoming a part of this historical edition. Please visit our Facebook page to gain insight into the world of Who’s Who Diversity in Color LLC, A Spectrum of Success.

NOTE: Submission does not mean automatic inclusion, please see our inclusion criteria on our website.

Celebrating Our Best,

Ericca Willis

Ericca Willis, Publisher